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Amanda Farrar

  • You have been struggling to get pregnant for some time.
  • You are about to go through IUI/IVF/ICSI.
  • You are suffering with monthly hormonal ups and downs.
  • You feel anxious, stressed out or downright depressed sometimes.
  • You are living with pain most days whether that be sciatica, migraines, headaches or in your neck, shoulder, knee or back.

Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is system of healing that focuses on rebalancing energy rather than treating a specific symptom.  Since its inception over 3000 years ago acupuncture has established a solid reputation as a system of medical health care that has worked for thousands of people. In the last 30 years it has spread across the world from China. The NHS NICE guidelines now recommended it for lower back pain, tension headaches and migraines.

Special Offers

Free AcuGraph Acupuncture Health Screening, using the AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging system. This is a computerised tool used to analyse and document the energetic status of the acupuncture meridians.

Client Experiences

I struggled with lower back pain on and off for over ten years with occasional ‘attacks’ when I was barely able to move, my GP dispensed painkillers and my osteopath offered temporary relief. I was worried as the attacks were getting more frequent. I was amazed at the results of six brief acupuncture sessions; two years on I have had no more ‘attacks’ and very little general pain. The sessions themselves were pleasant and relaxing – I often drifted off to sleep. I have no hesitation in recommending Amanda and would use her again.” Carolynn, Harrogate